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    Rochester Community School Corporation





    Route 10 AM


    6:51 am 3427 N 500 E

    7:02 am 6772 Walnut St

    7:11 am INDIANA AVE

    7:27 am 5071 N 400 W

    7:32 am 4440 N 200 W

    7:36 am 1841 W Olson Rd

    7:41 am 220 Riverwood Acres Dr

    7:42 am 297 Oak St

    7:48 am 710 Monticello Rd

    7:54 am 2436 E 200 N

    7:55 am 2020 E 200 N

    Route 11 AM


    7:00 am 3539 W 200 N

    7:14 am 8977 W 100 N

    7:20 am 104 W Phillips St

    7:37 am 1325 W 6th St

    7:40 am 788 W 9th St

    7:41 am 1100 Park Rd

    7:44 am Cherry Tree Ln & Sunset Ln

    7:45 am Monarch Ln & Sunset Ln

    7:46 am Heritage Dr & Ravencrest Ln

    7:48 am Heritage Dr & Maplewood Ln

    7:49 am Heritage Dr & Parkway Ln

    7:50 am Parkway Ln & Sunset Ln

    7:52 am 650 Zebra Ln

    7:54 am 618 W 12th St

    7:55 am 302 W 11th St

    7:57 am Fulton Ave & W 6th St

    7:58 am 519 W 5th St

    Route 23 AM


    7:24 am 2483 S 575 E

    7:31 am 2798 Wabash Ave

    7:34 am 1420 Ewing Rd

    7:36 am 1200 Jackson Blvd

    7:37 am E 10th St & Park St

    7:41 am 109 Northgate Cir

    7:44 am 705 E 4th St

    7:46 am 343 Ohio St

    7:48 am 517 Jefferson St

    7:51 am 200 E 16th St

    7:52 am E 15th St & Elm St

    7:54 am E 13th St & Elm St

    7:55 am 1006 Elm St

    7:57 am 1017 Madison St

    7:59 am 505 W 3rd St

    Reopening Policy

    Passed on 9/7/2021 Please click the link below:  


    ESSER III Spending Plan


    School Board Meeting (September 20th)


    Bus Routes (please click here to view)

    Free Meals for ALL Students:

    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved all schools to offer free lunch to all students regardless of income.  Those schools that offer breakfast will be able to offer free breakfast to all students as well.  This means students will receive their meals for FREE this school year.  Please see the attached .pdf for more information.  




    RCSC Restructioning Frequently Asked Questions

    We appreciate your questions and concerns regarding the restructuring of our district.
    Please email questions and concerns to:

    to view the powerpoint presentation from the tuesday, april 13th restructuring Q&A session, please click HERE

    Columbia Elementary

    Q: If I ordered supplies online, will my child still get them if they are going to Riddle?
    A: Yes, supply lists for the grade levels will not change and any current 1st grader that ordered supplies, will have those delivered to Riddle for next year.

    Q: Will the curriculum for 2nd Grade Change?
    A: No, 2nd Grade teachers will continue to use the same curriculum, programs, etc. that they are currently using, they will just be teaching from Riddle instead of Columbia

    Q: Will there be a open house for Riddle and Columbia next year?
    A: Yes, we will be hosting open house out both locations. Times and dates TBD.

    Q: Will my child get a chance to visit Riddle before the start of next year.
    A: Yes, we will be setting up visits for this years 2nd and 1st grade students to visit Riddle before the end of the school year. This will be done during the school day and we will make sure the kids have a chance to tour the building, meets student and staff, and also meet Mr. Biernacki.

    Riddle Elementary

    Q: Will first and second grade students have the opportunity to tour Riddle?
    A: Yes. In May, the first grade students and the second grade students will come tour Riddle with their respective classes. We will show them the whole building and where their classes will be. We typically do this with the second grade class every year and we will add the first grade class as well.

    Q: Can I (Parent) visit the school with my student?
    A: Absolutely! The summer would be the best time to schedule a visit. I would be happy to take you and your student on a tour of Riddle. Feel free to email Mr. Biernacki to set up a time.

    Q: Will my student be rotating classes at all?
    A: No. Your second grade and third grade student will not be rotating classes. They will have one assigned teacher just like at Columbia.

    Q: Will there be an Open House?
    A: Yes. Riddle and Columbia will coordinate a time for incoming students and parents to come see the school and meet their new teachers.

    Rochester Middle School

    Q: How separated will the 5th graders be from the 6th and 7th grade classes? Passing Periods? Lunch? Specials?
    A: The 5th grade classes will have their own hallway with classes right next to each other just as they do at Riddle. They will have a separate lunch and will not be in the hallway during 6/7th passing periods. The 5th grade will have their own elective (specials) classes as well, just as they do currently.

    Q: Will 5th grade still switch between classes as they currently do at Riddle?
    A: Yes, the plan is to keep this the same.

    Q: Will 5th grade be sent out to the parking lot with the rest of RMS to be dismissed?
    A: No, we will have a monitored dismissal for 5th grade.

    Q: Will 5th grade be moved to RMS athletics instead of youth?
    A: No, 5th grade will remain in our youth sports program and will not participate in RMS sports.

    Q: Will 5th graders have an opportunity to visit RMS before the start of the next school year?
    A: Yes, the upcoming 5th grade will have 2 dates to come and visit RMS. 5th Grade Orientation will be May 20th, 2021 at 6PM; and 5th Grade Riddle to Middle will be July 30th, 2021 at 8AM-12PM. 6th Grade will also have both opportunities as always as well. Their dates are as follows: 6th Grade Orientation will be May 18th at 6PM; and 6th Grade Riddle to Middle will be on July 29th, 2021 at 8AM-12PM.

    Q: Will 5th grade students still get to participate in the Running Club at Riddle? If so, how will they get there?
    A: Yes, we will provide school bus transportation back to Riddle Elementary for any 5th grade student that wants to participate in the after school clubs, etc.


    Rochester High School

    Q: Will 8th grade be eating lunch with the high school students?
    A: No, the 8th grade will have their own lunch period.

    Q: Will 8th grade students compete with the JV/Varsity teams?
    A: No, the 8th grade students will still compete as middle school students.

    Q: Will 8th grade be in the same classes as high school students?
    A: 8th grade will have their main classes (math, science, social studies, English) separate from 9-12 graders. They may be in the same elective classes as RHS students, such as band or art, which is consistent with what happens currently with 8th grade and high school students.

    Q: Will current 7th and 8th grade students get a chance to visit RHS before the start of next school year?
    A: Yes, we will be setting up visits for this years 7th and 8th grade students during the last weeks of April. In addition, the RHS will be open Monday thru Friday, June 1-25 from 8am-11am with students and/or staff members available to provide parents and students tours.

    Q: Where will the 8th grade classrooms be?
    A: Their main classes will be in the HPER room, tech hallway, and Ag hallway (all close together in the same wing). Their elective classes are dependent on which class they are taking.

    Q: Will 8th grade students share restrooms/locker rooms with 9-12 graders?
    A: No, the 8th grade wing will have their own restrooms and 8th graders will have PE separate from the 9-12 graders, so they will not be in the locker rooms together.

    Steps to prevent illness:

    CDC Main Website

    Rochester Community School's Continuous Learning Program


    Rochester Community School Corporation Athletics

    We are asking that ALL parents of athletes use FinalForms.
    Please register at:     -- now and electronically complete ALL forms!
    Thank you in advance!

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