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RMS Week at a Glance 3/06-3/11/2023

RMS Week at a Glance: 3/06/2023- 3/11/2023

Monday: 3/06/2023

● NWEA Math Test!

● RMS Wrestling @ Northfield Start Time 6:00 PM

Tuesday: 3/07/2023

● Championship Mornings @ RHS 6:45 AM

● NWEA Reading Test!

● Study Tables 2:45-3:45 PM

● RHS/RMS Choir Concert @ 7:00 PM

Wednesday: 3/08/2023 - Activity Period

● End of 3rd 9 weeks!

● Late Start Day 8:30 AM

○ Doors still open at 7:30 AM

● RMS/RHS Band Concert

Thursday: 3/09/2023

● Championship Mornings @ RHS 6:45 AM

● Study Tables 2:45-3:45 PM

● Caller goes out for FAST Friday for students with missing work

● Girls Basketball 6th Grade HOME vs. Blair Pointe Start Time 5:00 PM

Friday: 3/10/2023

● PBIS Day!

● NO FAST Friday this week!

● Have a GREAT Spring Break RMS!

Saturday: 3/11/2023

● RRC Wrestling Tourney @ Northfield Start Time 9 AM

● 6th Girls Basketball Valley Tourney @ Valley Start Time 9 AM

Riddle Happenings for January

Riddle will do announcements every morning.  Students will need to listen to announcements for any upcoming sporting events.  All forms will be here at the office under the TV.  An eMail will be sent to parents on the updated event providing we have the correct eMail address.

For your enjoyment, watch our 2020 video entitled "Riddle to Middle". 

Rochester Community Schools Welcomes You!

When I Grow Up - First Grade Style

Guidance News for December

 For all college visits, please see Mrs. Furrow for proper paperwork before any college visit!

Seniors, remember to check the Scholarships page for updated information.  Carve out some time to work on your applications over the upcoming holidays!